Introduction to css animations and transitions

Have you ever wondered about how animations on websites actually work ? Do you wish to design a similarly elegant and interactive website for your business too?
If yes, then look no further.

In this article I’ll try to cover the basics of CSS animations to make you comfortable with creating your own CSS animations from scratch!

So, why animate?

To improve usability and general user experience, as animations assist in providing improved visual feedback and helps in making interactions with the website striking. But that doesn’t mean animation should be everywhere in your sites. …

The function calls itself until someone stops it. If no one stops it then it’ll recurse (call itself) forever.

Recursion can feel difficult to new developers. Perhaps that’s because many resources teach it using algorithmic examples like Fibonacci, linked-lists, etc. In this article I’ll try to demonstrate some simple examples to help you understand Recursion better.

What is Recursion Good For?

Recursive functions let you perform a unit of work multiple times. This is exactly what for/while loops let us accomplish! Sometimes, however, recursive solutions are a more elegant approach to solving a problem.

Some reasons that recursion is favored in functional programming languages is…


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In JavaScript, it’s common to hear lots of strange terminology without a lot of description around what it is or what it does. I want to try and explain what a self invoking function is and why you should consider them.

In JavaScript, functions are usually declared like this:

function myFunctionName (parameters) {
//some code that does something.

This is called a declared function. Declared functions are not executed immediately. …

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What is Vonage Video API ?

The Vonage Video API (formerly TokBox OpenTok) makes it easy to embed high-quality interactive video, voice, messaging, and screen sharing into web and mobile apps.

The platform comprises an easy-to-use self-service API (available in JavaScript or Flash AS3) and a cloud infrastructure that provides routing, messaging and signal processing support.

The developer uses the API to write an app. TokBox runs the cloud infrastructure that makes it all happen.

Why Vonage Video API ?

  • OpenTok allows developers to weave live, group video chat directly into their web experience application
  • OpenTok gives the developer complete control over chat and user experience.
  • The publish/subscribe model lets developers…

We have a series of articles about Getting started with Redux the links at the end.

Why using Redux in React ?

In React, each component had its own state. It worked just fine within that component, but then we faced some issues with this approach.

  1. The state was enclosed inside of that component and can’t be reached from outside of it :
  • If we needed to pass that state to another component we could only pass it along as props from parent to child component.
  • If we needed to pass the state between siblings or unrelated components, we would have had to lift the state…

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We have a series of articles about react and how it works with redux:
-Redux without React

-React cooperating with Redux

-Integrating React with Redux

-Redux Middleware


By now, you should have known how Redux works on its own, what are actions, action creators and reducers, and how to start integrating Redux with React.

Let’s continue our talk about how React-Redux handles actions, action creators, reducers, redux-store, how to fetch data from state and how to call our action creators.

Combine Reducers and create Store:

We learned previously that after we combine our reducers we create what’s so called…

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